Interactive Dashboard

The Dashboard is like the result booklet of the Church activities. This can check the overall performance of every department captured within the Bethel App. It has functions and tabs that gives the Church Admin information at a glance. Information ranging from numbering members of the Church, categorizing them into male female and children, holistic attendance over time, individual attendance all on different service occasions, total financial inflow into the Church account and sources, expenses of the church with invoices from vendors and receipts, giving and donation charts etc. Bethel App notifies Church Admin on upcoming birthdays, wedding anniversaries of the members every month. Members get personalized messages wishing them well and praying for them from their Pastors by 8.00AM local time on these special days. The App also notifies Admin also on important dates that should be solemnized in the Church.

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Attendance Analyics

Data driven platform that helps keeps track of visitors and members

Birthdays & wedding Anniversary Reminders

Never forget a shout out to your members on their special days.

Ineractive Dashboard

Giving Analytics

See trends of your giving by category and make informed decisions

Visitors Tracking

Follow-up closely with your visitors by assigning them to church workers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get know about Bethel App

We have carefully built this platform to accommodate small to very large churches. There is no limit to the number of users that can be on the platform.

We have 3 different subscription plans as cen be found HERE . There is also a plan that is FREE for life for churches.

Our team is available 24/7 to help you migrate your data to our platform at no cost to you.

We have an incredible Knowledge Base with text and explainer videos. We also offer a monthly Webninar to Old and prospective customers monthly to keep you up to speed with features, changes and future release plans.

We see all your feedbacks and our team constantly work to make the system more robust and bring new improvements based on your feedbacks.


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The platform has been built to be very interactive, responsive and easy to use, but if you need help at anytime, or experience problem while using the platfomr, we’re here to help! 24/7

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Benefits of Bethel App

24/7 Uptime

Real-time analytics

Exceptional User Interface

Phone and Email Support

FREE Migration

Smart Visitor Follow-Up

Mobile Responsive

Monthly Webinar

No contracts, cancel anytime.

Free! 30 Days Trial.

The growth of the church is a prevailing importance and this system upholds it by picking up every data that is relevantly tracking church management success and growth