Automatic Guest Follow-Up

This app does a marvellous job by tracking every visitor otherwise known as First Timers. An automatic follow up feature is also inclusive. Upon adding a visitor to the system, the App sends an automatic guest follow up email (Depending on your plan). Pastors/department in charge also get a notification. They are able to assign someone to follow them up. That process is also tracked. Once the follow-up team reaches out, they are able to update the record on the system and admin can see if they have been followed up or not. If a guest follow-up is attempted and no positive feedback, they are also able to log that into the system. When a member returns, they have found something in the church, and thus this app does a tremendous role in ensuring such members are not missed for a closer follow-up before being eventually moved to becoming a member.

At a glance on the First Timer dashboard, the church is able to see the frequency of attendance of each first timer. They can also see those that have been followed-up or not. See the name of the Church member who invited the visitor for each followup incase the visitor is not reachable.

When a first-timer is added, admin can assign a church worker to follow up on that visitor. Once this happens, the worker gets a notification of such task and this first timer detail appears on their dashboard to follow-up.

When a visitor is added to the system, the Prayer unit gets a copy of the prayer request in their email and within the App, so they can start praying on such requests.

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Auto Assign

Auto assign visitors to workers for a quick follow-up. Track and know when a visitor has been followed up.

Email & SMS

Automatically send welcome emails and SMS to visitors and follow up with then until they become your members.

Ineractive Dashboard

Detailed Dashbooard

See the attendacne record for each visitor, who's been follow up or not, and see which Church member invited the visitors.


Generate reports of visitors and see trends of how your church is growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We hace carefully built this platform to accommodate small to very large churches. There is no limit to the number of users that can be on the platform.

We have 3 different subscription plans as cen be found HERE . There is also a plan that is FREE for life for churches.

Our team is available 24/7 to help you migrate your data to our platform at no cost to you.

We have an incredible Knowledge Base with text and explainer videos. We also offer a monthly Webninar to Old and prospective customers monthly to keep you up to speed with features, changes and future release plans.

We see all your feedbacks and our team constantly work to make the system more robust and bring new improvements based on your feedbacks.


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The platform has been built to be very interactive, responsive and easy to use, but if you need help at anytime, or experience problem while using the platfomr, we’re here to help! 24/7

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The growth of the church is a prevailing importance and this system upholds it by picking up every data that is relevantly tracking church management success and growth