Viewing Archived members

Posted on 2022-09-13 Updated on 2024-02-23

To manage and view archived church members through the BethelApp, follow these steps:
Accessing Archived Members: On the member dashboard, click on the "Archived Members" button. This action will redirect you to the list of all members who have been archived.
Viewing Member Details: Within the archived members list, you have the ability to view detailed information for each archived member, helping you understand their previous involvement and the reasons for archiving.
Managing Archived Members: From this list, you have several options:
Delete Members: You can delete individual or multiple archived members if necessary. This action should be used judiciously, as it permanently removes member information from the database.
Un-archive Members: If an archived member becomes active again or if they were archived in error, you can easily restore them back to the active members list. This reinstates their status within the church community without needing to re-enter their details.
This feature streamlines the process of managing members who are no longer active, while still keeping their information accessible for administrative purposes or potential reactivation.

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