Frequently Asked Questions


Once signed up, irrespective of any plan chosen, you have access to the Garden plan (Ultimate) which gives you access to the entire module for 14 days. When the 14 days is over, your account will be automatically downgraded to the chosen plan on signup, if not, you will be downgraded to the free plan which is limited and free to use for life. Kindly see our pricing page

Yes, BethelApp is designed to allow you to enter real data and make use of all the features of the system. If after your Free Trial, you decide not to subscribe to any plan, your data remains safe with us while you are downgraded to the Free plan for life, and you can still manage your church members.

Your church account is created immediately when you sign up. You can start using our system as soon as you complete your registration.

Yes, you are automatically upgraded to the Garden plan and you enjoy all the benefits of using BethelApp

You will be required to verify your email, after which you will create your church’s profile and choose a preferred name for your church account on BethelApp.

BethelApp gives you access to add unlimited users, members in the system. Unlike other platforms that restrict you to certain numbers, we give you access to unlimited usage on our system.

As your members get imported into our portal, they are automatically sent their username and password as well as the URL used for login. Upon first login, every member will be required to change their password.

Yes, every church is able to restrict user access to certain features on the system. Users also have restricted access to certain features. These restrictions can be taken away by the church admin. In other words, the system was built with you in mind giving you that flexibility and great user experience.

Yes, we offer free support in importing your data into our system. Either from a manual process or from another church management platform, our team is willing to help you while setting up your church. Kindly send an email to

Email is free as well. However, SMS is limited. We only offer a limited number of SMS units upon signup. Churches can however connect their Twilio account to buy more SMS units. BethelApp boasts of the first of its kind WhatsApp integration into the system. Which allows free communication within the system.

We offer phone support from 9am to 5pm MST Monday to Friday. Our Email support is 24/7 every day of the week.

Every church is able to set templates from the admin side. For each visitor otherwise known as First Timer, the system sends an automatic email on the first day of visit. Another is sent 2 days after, and the 3rd sent a day before the Sunday service. This close communication allows your visitor to feel loved and will be staying put in your local assembly.

Unlike other platforms that give your members access to only Stripe, we offer giving options on Stripe, PayPal and PayStack. Your members can make use of any of these giving platforms to give.

Our Support team is available 24/7 and can be reached on our support page or by sending an email to All emails are treated with high priority support irrespective of your plan.

We are proudly a Canadian company and have decided to bring value to Churches by causing a paradigm shift in the industry. We give you access to unlimited things in the system as well as low prices.

Churches are able to cancel their plan 15 days after the initial 14 days trial period.

BethelApp does not make any money when your members pay online using our platform. Church is expected to have either a Stripe, PayPal or PayStack account for accepting online donations. We have dedicated team members that are available to help your church to set this up and get your API keys. Stripe has a standard rate of 2.9% plus 0.30 for credit card transactions. Please see their T&C for more details. Same goes with PayPal and PayStack. As Churches are non-profit, you are able to make a negotiation with them to get lower rates.


We set a limit to the number of incorrect logins a user might have. This is done to prevent unauthorized access to your account by someone who tries guessing your password. Once the try limit is reached, the account is blocked and only the church admin or our support staff can help unlock the account.

We backup the entire site daily and snapshots are taken at intervals throughout the day so you never lose your data at any given time. Our servers get the latest security patches from our provider. Once subscribed, you get access to the most recent updates the application uses. Our system is subjected to regular security audits by our 3rd party security professionals.

We are a Level 1 PCI compliant company in handling payment. Your Credit Card or banking information are NEVER stored in our platform. Either when you subscribe to any of our plans or your church members making a donation, your payment information is stored on Stripe, PayPal or PayStack. Your Credit Card information is processed through any of these payment platforms and never hits our servers. ONLY limited information is stored such as the last four digits of your card number when a payment is made. This is done to enable us to provide support while making payment. Your connection to our BethelApp’ s platform is encrypted using the latest industry standard bank-grade TLS encryption.

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