Archiving a member

Posted on 2022-09-13 Updated on 2024-02-23

The "Archive Member" feature serves to transition members who have become inactive or have left the church into a separate archival area within the system. Here's how to use this feature:

Initiate Archiving: To begin, locate the member you wish to archive and select member, then click on the "Archive selected", This action will trigger a popup.
Specify Reason for Archiving: Within the popup, you'll be prompted to select or specify the reason for archiving this particular member. This step ensures that there's a clear record of why the member was moved to the archive.
Complete the Process: After selecting the reason, proceed to confirm the action. The member's record will then be moved from the active members' table to the archive table.

It's important to note that archiving a member is not permanent. Should the archived member become active again, their record can be seamlessly moved back to the members' table, thereby reinstating their active status within the church community. This process allows for efficient management of member statuses while keeping historical records intact.

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